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  • What Is The Initial Franchisee Fee?

    The initial franchise fee is $36,000.
  • What Is The Required Advertising Expenditure?

    Franchisees are required to contribute 2% to the brand development fund and to invest an additional 1% in Local advertising.
  • Who Finds The Location?

    The franchisee is required to search for a location.  We have brokerage partners who can assist you with the search.  We will approve the proposed location.
  • Where Do The Food And Packaging Products Come From?

    We have approved vendors who carry all of our branded cups, paper products and food.
  • How Much Does a MATTO Franchise Cost?

    The cost to open a MATTO franchise ranges between $227,850 - $477,330.
  • Will I Receive Continuing Operational Guidance?

    You will have constant access to our operations and marketing teams.
  • How Many Locations Do I Need To Open?

    You can start with one but we also offer incentives for operators who want to open three or more.
  • What Is The Royalty?

    The royalty fee is 6% paid weekly.
  • What Is The Term Of The Agreement?

    The term of the agreement is good for ten years with an option to renew.
  • What Licenses And/Or Permits Are Required?

    We will work with you to make sure you have the required licenses and permits needed to open and operate.  At the basic level, you will need a health permit and food handlers license.
  • How Long Is the Training Program?

    Our training requirement consists of one week at our facility in New York and two weeks at your location prior to opening.
  • Does MATTO Provide Financing?

    We do not offer financing but we can connect you with third party companies who can help you find financing for your MATTO location.

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