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your success

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At MATTO, we think big and dream boldly. We care about our customers, community, and people.

And we care about giving you every possible ingredient you need to create true franchise magic.


Our world class operations team will provide support every step of the way before opening your location and after.

  • operational support

    Our team is ready to assist you with your location’s pre-opening and grand opening, and provide you with consistent support and advice on an ongoing basis.

  • established operating systems

    We’ve honed our operating systems in our existing 10 NYC locations (and counting…) Our operations team will assist you in setting up your store so that it runs smoothly and efficiently, and be on hand for whenever you have questions.

  • diversified menu

    Our single-price-point menu isn’t just a breath of fresh air in the coffee shop industry. Our superior-quality coffee, sandwiches, pastries, juice, and yogurts cater to a wide variety of on-the-go clientele, for both mealtimes and snacks.

  • purchasing power

    MATTO’s large number of locations and our combined purchasing power means that franchise partners benefit from competitive pricing on raw materials, paper cups, plastic utensils etc.

  • point of sale system

    Your franchise location will be equipped with a fully operational point of sale system, which makes transactions a breeze and generates analytics reports to enable you to easily review sales numbers. MATTO is also developing a customer-centric app, allowing customers to order ahead, earn points, and pay via credit card on their cell phones.


Training and learning MATTO’S operational efficiency is important and key to holding our exceptional standards.

  • trial & error period is over

    With multiple existing MATTO espresso bars in NYC, this is a franchise concept with proven success. There’s no need to rely on guesswork as you set up your business – instead, you’ll benefit from our expertise, guidance and well-established systems.

  • training program

    Our in-depth program will ensure that you’re comfortable and confident with all management duties before your franchise opens. You’ll benefit from training on inventory controls, scheduling, team development, staff onboarding, marketing, product preparation, and how to manage your business.

real estate

The franchisee is responsible for finding their MATTO location.  We assist franchisees with the process by connecting them with a community of brokers who can assist in finding the right location.

  • real estate

    MATTO provides franchisees with strong support as they select the location of their espresso bar. While you’ll ultimately be responsible for choosing and securing your site, we’ll work with you to guide you and carefully assess your chosen location’s viability.

  • store build-out/construction

    MATTO’s network of approved vendors, equipment, and architects will facilitate and streamline your build-out process. We’ll also provide you with prototypical renderings for your chosen architect to reference, simplifying the process further.


Our marketing team will support you with exceptional and innovative marketing initiatives designed to help you increase sales from the first day you open your location.

  • marketing & brand building

    You’ll receive marketing support and training from MATTO for everything from your location’s grand opening to social media setup and assistance. And our in-house marketing team will be on hand to help maximize your marketing efforts to drive sales.

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